Bluewater offers a comprehensive cloud-based solution to support Business Information Management processes. It allows you to efficiently bridge the gap between your business users and information management department.

Bluewater increases the performance of your information management department significantly. The visual workflow environment supports administrators in their daily work, automates important tasks and ensures a uniform process. This brings both control and efficiency to the information management department. Business users are empowered with efficient self-service concepts and knowledge sharing. This reduces cost and increases customer satisfaction.

Support's wide range of implementation scenario's

Due to the flexible nature of Bluewater, it can be used to support a wide range of processes and procedures in the Information Management and IT Service Management domains. Some typical examples of the usage of Bluewater:

  • support for ASL/BiSL processes
  • front-end for (IT) shared services
  • support for Master Data Management and Maintenance processes for BI environments (like SAP/BPC)
  • customer-support portal for IT-services companies. 

Competitive pricing model

Our SaaS-based offering includes full usage of functionality, hosting, support and regular updates/maintenance. Subscription fees depend on actual usage and number of users. To give you an idea: a template-based implementation with full support of all ASL/BiSL processes will cost 50 euro's per month for each registered (IT) user (based on a medium sized IM-department of around 50 users). There is no additional charge for business users that access the portal and no limit to the number of users that may access. Total cost-of-ownership of traditional in-house service desk solutions can be up to 5 to 10 times more expensive.

Contact Paul van Erk, or André Blommers if you need more information or to schedule a live demo.