Bluewater for SAP/BOPC


The go-live of your CPM system was successful. The users of the system have learned how to use it properly. Every day they are seeing new possibilities, and ask for support and major or minor enhancements. Slowly but surely, supporting the system is becoming a fulltime job that competes with your regular tasks. At the same time, technical issues appear to arise and dependence on the IT department is increasing. SAP is implementing new support contracts, and requires you to implement a Center of Expertise. You are looking for a solution to organize support in such a way that you stay in control and at the same time gets you your hands free to focus on your primary tasks.


You want to make sure that service levels meet high standards and the continuity of your business processes is not put at risk, especially at peak moments in the financial reporting cycle. You are wondering how to co-ordinate between Finance, IT and the business community. But overall you want to make sure that you stay on top of things, remain in control and are not caught off guard by sudden incidents. To manage changes in master- and metadata, incidents and request for changes effective and efficiently can be a great challenge for organizations. Companies who use SAP/BOPC, often experience problems being ‘in control’ of the metadata and data between the different environments (Development, Test, Acceptance, Production). With SAP/BOPC, changes made in the Test environment need to be transferred manually to the Production environment. Quite often it is not clear what changes are made on which environment and who approved the changes. Bluewater for SAP/BOPC is developed for this specific purpose. Bluewater offers a comprehensive SaaS-based solution to support Business Information Management Processes. The expected control is gained by introducing an integrated process chain, based on the ASL and BiSL processes in Bluewater and tailored to SAP/BOPC. At the core are the processes of handling calls, metadata requests and deployments. Bluewater enables you to do more than just record these events; they become an integral part of the workflow of your Information Management department and will be the basis for the 2-way communication with your end-users. Bluewater is designed to supply your business users with the required information and support, whenever they need it, thereby allowing them to perform their tasks more efficiently. Bluewater offers standard support for the following processes:

  • Call and incident management: The aim of call management is to register, plan and monitor incoming calls and problems of users and assign these calls to a functional manager. Call management simplifies the process from registration to closure of these calls (incidents) and takes care of the communication between the different parties. More calls can thus be processed in a shorter period of time, easing the pressure on the reporting department.
  • Metadata management: Metadata management deals with the changes in metadata (dimension members) requested by end-users like goodwill items or bank codes. To effectuate these changes in SAP/BOPC, the application needs to be processed. You would like to collect all these requests and process them at the same time. You can keep the downtime of your system as low as possible. All these requests follow a standardized time-line. Users can request metadata changes until, for example, the 24th day of the month. At the end of the month the changes are processed (first tested on the test environment then deployed on the production environment) and available for use in the next reporting period.
  • Deployment management: Deployment management facilitates the DTAP (Development, Test, Acceptance, Production) migration. Changes need to be processed separately on the different environments. The Deployment management process provides insight on which environments the changes are processed, who made the changes and who tested the changes. You can create reports to show which changes are made in a certain period of time.

Here's what you get

  • 100% web-based, no local installations required;
  • All your data in one location;
  • No worries about backups or hardware;
  • Platform independent;
  • Extensive reporting options and monitoring of KPIs;
  • Authorization and settings per users;
  • Wiki to store documentation in one place including version control and track of changes;
  • Frequently Asked Questions for end users.

Bluewater for SAP/BOPC helps you

  • Reduce the pressure on your help desk with the Self Service Portal. The ability of users to register their own incidents and keep track of them will save the help desk both time and effort. In addition your end users can gain access to a Knowledge base to try and resolve simple issues themselves.
  • Publish your Knowledge base and FAQs online. The user can find the answers/solutions for their questions online and don’t have to contact the service-desk. Manuals and other documents are always up-to-date.
  • Control your deployment process. Using the Deployment management process you have, at any time, an overview of all changes and planned changes. Now you know which changes are implemented on the Test and Production environment.
  • Exchange knowledge with external support parties. External support parties can easily get access to Bluewater for SAP/BOPC. A call can be redirected to an external party in order to solve the call. All information regarding the Call is available in Bluewater. It's no longer necessary to send emails back and forth which can easily be lost.
  • Store all knowledge in one place. Solutions and answers which are given in the past can easily be accessed.

If you want more information, please take a look at our Bluewater for SAP/BOPC brochure. Contact Paul van Erk, or André Blommers if you need more information or to schedule a live demo.

CPMview: Partner in Corporate Performance Management

CPMview helped us to develop the specific processes for Bluewater for SAP/BOPC. Their consultants have worked for numerous multinational and listed companies implementing SAP BPC. With their experience and knowledge the processes in Bluewater for SAP/BOPC are tailored to the specific support needs regarding SAP/BOPC. If you are looking for a partner to help you with the advisory, implementation of support of CPM-systems, please pay them a visit on


Bluewater is our solution for Business Information Management and is built on an open source portal platform (Drupal) that is integrated with a state-of-the-art BPM engine (NetXq). More information can be found at our BlueWater page.