Bridge the gap between user community and information management department.


  • Bluewater offers a comprehensive cloud-based solution to support Business Information Management processes (based on BiSL and ASL)
  • The visual workflow environment supports administrators in their daily work, automates important tasks and ensures a uniform process.
  • Business users are empowered with efficient self-service concepts and knowledge sharing.


  • Bluewater increases the performance of your information management department significantly and offers transparency to business users.
  • Bluewater brings both control and efficiency to the information management department.
  • Empowerment of business users reduces cost and increases customer satisfaction.

Multiple scenario's

Bluewater supports a wide range of processes and procedures in the Information Management and IT Service Management domains. Some typical examples of the usage of Bluewater:

  • support for ASL/BiSL
  • front-end for (IT) shared services
  • Master Data Management and Maintenance processes for BI environments (like SAP/BPC)
  • customer-support portal for IT-services companies.

Contact Paul van Erk, or André Blommers if you need more information or to schedule a live demo.