Process Oriented Solutions

Stream offers ready-to-use, process based business applications "in the cloud" that let you achieve both agility and control. Imagine, but with proper support for process management and more flexibility in choosing the deployment model that fits your demands. Do you need more than just an app in the cloud? Do your demands require a private cloud, or an environment accessible only from restricted domains? We can offer all that, together with superior client-support at a competitive price. We offer ready-to-use (template-based) solutions, as well as fully custom-built applications.

Why should you bother?

Economies all over the world are facing difficult times. All organizations, feel the urge to optimize business processes and reduce cost at the same time. No matter if they are small or big, public or private. Cloud based applications and more specific, process oriented business applications can be an important enabler to realize change. Why? Because it’s fast, it’s cheap and it’s scalable. Due to the specific nature of cloud applications you can start experimenting with new business paradigms without the upfront investments in development, hardware, software licenses, etc.. It's available within a matter of days. And when your business starts growing, the cloud application can grow along with it. Look at some of the success stories of organizations who used the cloud model to successfully adapt their business to changing reality.

What's different?

We strive to excel in delivering flexible, process oriented solutions that can add real value to your business. Solutions that are designed to solve specific issues can be made available to you in a matter of days/weeks, instead of months/years. By using (and creating) innovative open source software and shared content, together with standardized cloud-based deployment, we can match user-friendliness with an unparalleled cost-of-ownership. If you feel like reading the whole story on why we think this makes a difference, look here.