Who we are

Combining tech-meeting and lunchStream was founded by Paul van Erk and André Blommers in 2008. After working for an international consulting firm, we decided it was time to turn our vision into reality and start a new business. 

It is our dream to make development and deployment of process oriented applications faster, easier and a lot more fun. Because we did not find a product (open or closed source) that came close to our ideas, we have built it ourselves. With the help of Merlijn and Sebastiaan we shaped it into a unique development platform for fast delivery of cloud based applications (Rapids). 

Our aim is to deliver working business solutions with efficient process support that add real business value, in the shortest possible timeframe. We enjoy helping our clients optimize business processes to help their clients with outstanding service. Building such solutions should be an exciting experience, full of creativity and inspiration, instead of a struggle that looks like a bad marriage. To make this happen we have put much effort in our technology, our support processes and the selection of our people.