Noteliner 3.4 under Wine / Ubuntu

I love Noteliner to keep my live organized. But the latest version is not working straight away from Wine, within Ubuntu (which I use for several good reasons, but that's another story). This is how I solved the problem.

Like almost everyone else (except maybe the real techies) I started my working career with Microsoft Windows as operating system. It is (unfortunately) the most common operating system for organizations nowadays.

At Stream we use Apple or Linux (mostly Ubuntu) as operating systems. In the end, Apple or Linux just works a bit smoother if you want to build stuff like we do. I will not bore you with another story about how great Ubuntu is (but I must say I am quite happy with it :-)), but I want to draw your attention to a great tool I use to structure my notes. It's called Noteliner and can be downloaded at:

Check it out for yourself. It helps me to organize my to-do lists and thoughts. But .... unfortunately it is not available under Ubuntu. I searched a long time for an equivalent under Ubuntu, but none of them are as simple and easy to use as Noteliner.

The older versions of Noteliner just worked great under Wine. Wine allows you to run many Windows programs on Linux. Its homepage can be found at

I just wanted to upgrade my Noteliner to a new release (actually I was running quite an old release). It turned out the latest versions of Noteliner do not run straight away under Wine. It took me a while to figure out, but Noteliner now requires the .NET framework as well as the Visual C++ libraries (Visual Studio). In order to run Noteliner you have to install these framework and libraries first in Wine.

You can install the framework and libraries by going to the terminal and enter:

winetricks dotnet20

This is the .NET framework required by Noteliner.

and then

winetricks vcrun2005
The Visual C runtime required by Noteliner.
If you don't have installed Wine, of course you first have to install it on your Ubuntu client. Go to your terminal and enter:
sudo apt-get install wine


Thanks to Iggy64 for the help on the framework and runtime installation.