Drupal Feeds: No new content

Just a little note on the Feeds module. Yesterday I was working on one of our applications (Maverick) and I was unable to import mail messages using the Mailhandler module.

I configured the Feeds processor correctly, but every time I tried to retrieve mails to import them in Maverick I got the message "There is no new content."


I was sure messages where in the mailbox so I went to the admin page of the mailhandler (admin/build/mailhandler) to test the connection. It stated there were 4 messages in the mailbox.

After an hour or so I called André to help me out. He advised me to have a look at the "Settings for Mailhandler fetcher (on the admin page of the Feeds module - settings/MailhandlerFetcher). The message filter was configured on "Nodes only". When I switched it to "All" the messages where imported correctly.


I couldn't find anything regarding this message and behavior on the Drupal forums and blogs so I hope this post can help any else out there.

Have a nice day!