Popups: Add and Reference: Loading sign keeps spinning after saving new node

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We are using the Popups API and Popups: Add and Reference to create new nodes in a popup window. For example, you are registering an invoice in Maverick and the necessary creditor does not exist in Maverick yet. You can click on the link 'Add New: Add Creditor'  to add a new creditor in a popup screen.


The popup window opens:

After entering the necessary details, you click on save. We experienced the loading sign kept spinning.


and nothing happened. In the background the creditor was created but the popup screen didn't close so you had to click outside the popup screen and enter the name of the creditor by hand (expected behavior would be the popup is closed and the name of the creditor is automatically filled for the invoice).


You cannot use the "Add New: Node Type" in a popup.

Upgrade the Popups: Add and Reference to 6.x-2.0-alpha1 (now works with: Designed to working with Popup API 2.0-Alpha5).

Check the content type you wanted to create in the popup (in our case Creditor). Check for any Node Reference fields in Creditor contenttype. Open the node reference fields and uncheck the option "Show the "Add New: Node Type" Popup links (this option is selected by default).