sebastiaan.jpgSebastiaan is one of the lead developers/architects at Stream and with us from day one. His main responsability is the architecture and design of the Rapids platform, including the NetXq frontend. He is one of those guys that adopts new concepts and technologies in no time.

It is no surprise that he likes to bat ideas around with innovation and cutting-edge technology in mind. Doing this he is a source of inspiration and innovation, constantly striving to make things better, safer and more valuable to our clients.

His speed on the keyboard is legendary (thanks to heavy gaming skills). If he is not at work he is researching stuff at home or playing WOW or SWTOR with his friends.

When he's stressed out you can find him in the mountains eating snow, so it's not so strange that The Art of FLIGHT is one of his favorite movies.

Sebastiaan Blommers


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